Local Rules

  1. USGA rules govern play except local rules.
  2. Winter rules apply on fairway and areas mowed by fairway mower.
  3. Out-of-bounds designated by white stakes between #3 and #4 on tee shot only.
  4. Out-of-bounds for the course is designated by white stakes and apply to any shot.
  5. Water on terrace - move ball - no penalty. Water in creek and pond 1 penalty stroke.
  6. Tee box markers; Blue - Men's tee box, White - Women's tee box, Blue/White - both use same tee box

Other Rules

  • Yardage markers in fairway.
    • Red Stakes = 50yds
    • White Stakes and Plates = 100yds
    • Blue Stakes = 150yds
    • Yellow Stakes = 200yds
  • Replace Divots
  • Repair all ballmarks on the greens
  • Keep motor carts 30 feet away from the greens
  • Everyone must have their own bag and clubs
  • No group larger than a foursome allowed without permission
  • Allow faster groups to play through.
  • Play holes in consecutive order.